Tuesday, November 12, 2002


King Kaufman, who has relocated from San Francisco to St. Louis and writes about Sports for Salon, has written an interesting article about the current conundrum in the Best Sports City in the US: Warner, or Bulger?

See, Kurt Warner is the superhero of all quaterbacks. Everyone knows the story: Warner came from the arena leagues; the starting quaterback was injured and all of the sudden the Rams exploded all over the NFL, mostly due to Warner's skill and Marshall Faulk. Now it's the same story, same team, with different names. Bulger was cut from two teams before the Rams picked him up and never expected to start. Now he's won four games in a row for the Rams (and Warner lost four before being injured)...should he continue to play?

Of course he should, my sister argued. Warner sucked this year. Bulger is doing a much better job, and the Rams need to win every game. And did you see the look on his face? I think Kurt Warner likes the kid fine, but I think Bulger has a problem with Warner.

Of course he should not, I retorted. Warner was MVP for two years. Warner is the best quaterback in the league. This kid is good, but he's just a kid. Warner is still the quaterback, he's still there on the sidelines with his headset, calling the plays. This kid is just acting as his arms.

Hmm. I was making the idiot knee-jerk reaction argument, it turns out, and I don't like that.

Should the kid be allowed to play? Maybe. Why not? Everyone has to start somewhere, and he certainly is looking better than Warner did in the first four games. And now King Kaufman says, Hey, maybe that just goes to show that Warner isn't all that after all. Maybe any good quaterback would look fantastic, when you add in Marshall Faulk and the Rams' excellent receivers: Bruce, Holt, etc. And it's an interesting argument. I can't decide what I think, so here's what I say: Do what you want to, Rams, but regardless of which quaterback you go with, if we don't make the playoffs this year I'm going to blame that fact and say you should have picked the other one.

Nothing like covering all your bases.

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