Wednesday, November 13, 2002


Have the strangest sense of humor. In one Contracts decision: "The lawyer's function is to serve, but serve he must with fidelity, devotion and erudition in the highest traditions of his noble profession." This is a decision not to enforce a noncompete agreement when a law partnership is dissolved. Nice touch, "his noble profession". A highly biased opinion, considering the source.

And in the next opinion, from the New York Court of Appeals about a dentistry practice in Ithaca, a note from the editors: "Located on scenic Cayuga Lake in beautiful central New York, Ithaca is one of the world's centers of learning. It is the home of Cornell University, with over 600 students at a great law school." That's an odd note to find in a case. A quick flip to the title page, check on the authors -- aha, both are professors of law at Cornell. Cute. Very cute.

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