Thursday, November 21, 2002


And boy, is it. Unfortunately, this time I just mean a quit little blog, more like a blurt. I feel guilty for not posting yesterday, but whachagonnado? I left school on the 11:40 shuttle, just had time to drop my computer off at home, grab some cash, and catch the bus to McDonald's to pick up Stephanie's car, which I then drove to the airport to pick Mom up. The day was clear and gorgeous, Mt. Hood is a sparkling beauty in the distance and for the first time I realized you can see Mt. St. Helens from Portland, too. I've never seen it before because I've never been on the East side on a clear day, apparently. It's very distinctive: only mountain I've ever seen that's all scooped out on top. (Because it erupted back in 1980, when we were living in Washington. Here, before and after.) In fact, covered with snow it looks like a bowl of ice cream missing the top scoop.
But anyway, I picked mom up at the airport -- which incidentally, is lovely. It comes off as clean, friendly and organized, and that's a new airport experience for me. From the top of the parking garage, there is an excellent view of the Cascades in the distance (including the two volcanoes). We went downtown and looked around at the shopping, but I told her she couldn't buy anything until she went to the Market this weekend. We went to the Pilsner Room for happy hour specials, and dined on hummus and coconut shrimp, and great microbrews. By then we were both wiped out, so I took her home and got her settled in and we pretty much just went to bed last night.
Today Stephanie has custody until 3, when she goes to work. I told Mom she could expect me home on the 5:30 shuttle; my classes end at 3:30 today but I need to get that damned memo FINISHED and off my agenda so I can seriously get down to finals. I have all my reading done for tomorrow and the beginning of next week, so this weekend will be devoted to the Torts negligence essay and getting ConLaw in some sort of order for studying.
Ta ta!

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