Monday, November 25, 2002


I hate it that he's feeling down, but I really just don't have anything that constructive to say. What is there to say? "This too, shall pass"? or maybe "All things shall become clear to you in the fullness of time"? I doubt that second one, so I won't say it. I'm sick of being alone, too. I'm tired of never having to cuddle with on cold winter evenings, or who sends me nice things just because. I'm sick of not having someone just to be around who shares my tastes; someone who wants to go see the same movies I do, or eat the same restaurants. Someone just to get sloppy drunk with and make stupid confessions to. I'm sick of not getting laid, at least once in a while.

But I do know this, Jay, and you can put it in the bank: Bitches come and go but your friends are forever, and that's the truth. Not to be trite, but let's put things in perspective. As people in their lower 20s, we've really got nothing to complain about. You're still in college, and I'm still in school, and look at the girls on Sex in the City: they're fabulous gorgeous sophisticated career women in their 30s and still looking for the right someone. I know they're just on t.v. (no really, I understand that) but they are representative of a whole bunch of people IRL. So what if you're unattached? Enjoy it, pursue your educational and career goals, make yourself into the fabulous person you always knew you'd be. Build yourself a life. You'll keep meeting great people, trying things out and in the meantime, you've got your friends and family. Sure, they don't fulfill every need you have but neither would a boyfriend or a girlfriend. (And if you tried to make them do so, that's called "co-dependent".) Once you have a life, then you can find someone to share it with. Honestly, that one little component of life is not that big of a deal.

And I'll just keep telling myself that, over and over, until I believe it too.

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