Monday, November 18, 2002


I just had my meeting with my Legal Writing professor about Memo #3: The Final Frontier. And apparently, judging from what she told me, I need to go all the way back to the beginning (the research portion of the program) and start all over. I need more Law, more Convincing Arguments, more Precedent, more everything. And she brought up points I hadn't considered, and said I should argue them too. All in 8-10 pages.
Okay, I will. But when? I've been devoting every spare minute of study time I've had for the last three weeks to reviewing for exams. The memo is due next Wednesday; that means I have this weekend's study time to work on it and any spare minutes I can squeeze out during the days. Fun, fun, fun. Can't wait until Legal Writing is over.
Until next semester, anyway.
Also for my enjoyment, I found out three interesting little facts this morning:
1. The average score last year on the first semester Civil Procedure exam was 35%.*
2. Sometimes (for fun) they throw in questions about things we haven't studied yet.
3. The exam grades don't come back until mid-February.
Welcome to law school, where the fun never ends!
*Did you get that? Only 35% of the questions were answered correctly, on average. That means half the class didn't even answer 35%.

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