Tuesday, November 12, 2002


Yes, it has arrived. Don't know if I mentioned it yet, but it bears repeating anyway since I'm sure that I'll be writing over and over again about the rain here. Last Monday rain was forecast for all of the Pacific Northwest. However, nothing; clear skies Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday morning there was the most beautiful sunrise I had seen yet: the clouds were gathering towards Mt. Hood but the peak was still clearly visible. Then Thursday: Rain. Friday: Rain. Saturday and Sunday and Monday: Rain. Cold, gentle rain. I can't complain; I much prefer rain to snow, to blistering cold and wind and slush and ice. This morning: Rain and lots of it. Right now I can see out the library window that the rain has let up for the time being; I can also see the most beautiful tree in the whole world, which is right here on our campus. Sorry about the abrupt topic change, but this tree is gorgeous. It is a Japanese Maple, and it is the most beautiful red and orange with feathery little leaves. It's unreal. I've snapped a picture so I'll be posting it just as soon as, yeah, whenever I get around to it. I have all these pictures I want to scan and post for the folks back home but law school just keeps getting in the way. I'll have to work on that.

And anyway, I only have a week left until my mom arrives for her Impending Two-Week Visit. (Hurrah!) The bad news, though, is that means three weeks until the end of the semester and the beginning of the Dreaded Legendary First Year of Law School Exams. Ugh. During exam time I will need much sympathy. Feel free to send chocolate and Starbucks cards. (And if you want to hire me a male escort, that would be okay too although of course I would never actually advocate prostitution of any kind.) Thanks, that will be all for now.

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