Tuesday, November 12, 2002


I told you I would be beating this theme to death. I’m sitting here in Contracts and all of the sudden the rain is pouring down, beating on the roof. Of course, I have Contracts in “the bunker”, which is what they call the long, low row of classrooms overlooking the amphitheater, so there are no windows. All we have are our ears: The rise and fall of Professor Contract’s lulling voice, the tappity-tappity-click-click-clackety of one hundred law students desperately struggling to take notes and stay awake, and the pounding of the rain on the roof.
Zzzzzz….zzzzzz…. Wha? No consideration! Preexisting duty! Breach!

UPDATE: Walking from Contracts to Civil Procedure (via a stop at the coffee cart for a 25 cent chocolate chip cookie), I looked up and saw…SKY! Blue sky! In Civil Procedure, there are windows around the top of the room so I can see a pine tree or two and little snatches of blue sky in between the puffy rolling clouds. It’s hard to look out the windows, though, because I sit in the very front row in this class (not by choice, by seating chart – and can you believe we have stinking seating charts for every class?? At this level you’d think they’d let you sit where you want to sit!!) and the prof stands right in front of me – like, less than five feet in front of me – to lecture. The windows are high up enough that if I look out them, I’m craning my neck back in a very obvious way. That’s just begging to be called on by Professor CivPro and I’m not going to play that game.

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