Tuesday, November 26, 2002


This morning on the shuttle I overheard a second year and first year discussing exam-studying strategies. “I didn’t start studying until after Thanksgiving,” sez 2nd year, “and I didn’t do quite as well on exams as I’d hoped, but I did fine.” 1st year was listening raptly, asking questions and taking in everything 2nd year said. Why is this so crazy? You ask.

Well, because 2nd year had just finished talking about how she had a 45-page paper due at school today for her 8 p.m. class, and that she was on page 29. Now why on earth would you take exam advice from someone who waited until they had less than 12 hours to write a 45-page paper? Obviously she hadn’t even written a draft of the paper, because if she had she would have had more than 29 pages. That means she’s turning in what is essentially her first draft of a 45-page paper.

Crazy. Why not just save your money and go to a state school, if that’s how you feel about it?

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