Monday, November 18, 2002


The Sister and I went to PCC this morning, to see about enrolling her in the classes. There are a number of bureaucratic steps to be taken, forms to be filed, fees to be paid, etc. but nothing beyond the ordinary. The downer is that there are a number of prerequisites which must be satisfied before she can even be admitted to the Radiography program, which is not surprising but still a bummer. So she's thinking about taking a class or two in the spring semester and maybe over the summer, to get back into the swing of it and get some pre-reqs outta the way. Basic math, writing, english, computer skills, things like that I presume. There's an information fair next week on Tuesday evening, so we might head over that way and check it out.

In the meantime, all is a-flutter over the Imminent Arrival of the Matriarch. She's flying in on Wednesday. Tonight, however, is Monday Night Football which shall not be missed, yea though I have law school exams looming on the horizon. Tonight it's the Rams, man, so I'm not missing the game.

This morning on the way to the PCC, the clouds cleared briefly in an Easterly direction and there revealed was Mt. Hood, in all its snow-covered splendor. It looks fantastically beautiful after an entire week of snow. If you hadn't pointed it out, said Sister, I would have just assumed it was more clouds and not even noticed. The winter has definitely arrived here in the Pacific Northwest, but I can't complain. At least I'm not living in the other Portland.

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