Friday, November 15, 2002


Here's an excerpt from my diary when I was working earlier in the year (March) and didn't really believe I would ever be in law school. It was one of my first days as a temp:

"I went out to lunch and skipped over to Famous Barr to peruse their clearance racks. I found some things I loved, but even 50% off a hundred dollar suit is just too much for me to pay right now. It makes me stand in awe of the women I see around here, in their $50 shoes and their $200 suits, with their $70 haircuts and $30 manicures. What’s that about??? You add in the $50 worth of cosmetics and styling products, the $10 hosiery, the $100 bag, the $50 of lingerie from Victoria’s Secret and the three cups of $4 Starbucks coffee a day, (not to mention the $40K Suburbans they drive and the $400 palm pilots and $80/month cell phones) and these women are poster girls for Conspicuous Consumption. Am I going to be like that someday?? Or will I be the renegade hippy woman with the long flowing hair and the last year’s styles from Goodwill (new with tags or not, outdated is outdated) driving the Geo Metro or, even better, biking to work each day with my organic-cucumber-and-sprouts-with-free-range-turkey-on-freshly-baked-by-local-artisans-whole-wheat-bread-sandwich stuffed into a brown paper sack made of 100% recycled materials??"


I definitely need to keep re-reading my old diaries. It will keep me from being smug about How Smart I Am, now that I'm a Law Student.

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